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  • Learn to Scuba Dive

Scuba Diving and Beginner Diving Courses / Learn to Dive

Diving offers children a unique and unrivaled experience combining adventure, adrenalin, exercise, exploration, tranquillity and relaxation. Children as young at eight can experience what it’s like to be completely weightless, and to delve into a world that covers 70% of the planet yet one that most will never witness.

For children, an introduction to the world of scuba diving opens up boundless opportunity for learning and development. The education into our world’s precious oceans and the fascinating and fragile environment they support can spark a lifelong passion spanning personal and career development. Kids will discover countless species of marine life as they embark on a journey to learn about the importance of marine conservation and the role that they can play.

There are two courses suitable for beginners:

PADI Discover Scuba

This is a trial dive conducted in the comfort and safety of a heated swimming pool. It lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours and can be conducted at any of our pools in London, Surrey / Berkshire, Oxford, Brighton and Hove. This course for beginners is ideal for people who are nervous and do not wish to commit to the PADI Open Water Course until they know they are capable of completing it.
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PADI Open Water Course

This is your gateway to the underwater world. Once you are a qualified diver then you can dive anywhere around the world to a depth of 18m (60ft). There are 3 parts to learning to dive:
1. Theory
2. Pool skills
3. 4  open water dives

The pool skills can be completed at any of our locations in London, Surrey / Berkshire, Brighton and Hove.
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We look forward to welcoming you to our dive centre and getting you started on your underwater adventures.


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