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Learn To Dive In Brighton & Hove

In 3 Easy Steps...

Step 1. Complete Scuba Diving Theory Online

Step 2. Learn to Scuba Dive in our Brighton/Hove Pool

Step 3. Complete 4 Open Water Dives


PADI Scuba Diving Courses in Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Choose from 2 different locations in Brighton and Hove

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Brighton & Hove is one of the most vibrant, exciting and cosmopolitan cities in the UK that is home to the famous 'Pier', leading businesses and now the UK's premier PADI diving and travel centre.

Our Brighton & Hove Scuba Diving Facilities


The online learning can be completed at a time and location to suit you. For details please read about the e-learning system on our Open Water Courses page.

Swimming Pools

We use 2 pools in Brighton and Hove:

brighton-pool-for diving1. Brighton

Our Brighton courses take place at the Prince Regent Swimming Complex in the heart of Brighton. Our open water pool session takes 2 sessions from 7-9.30pm on a Sunday.

With sole use of the 'Flexible Pool' we can adjust the depth from very shallow at the start of the course to over 3m which as students get more comfortable in the water. The pool is constantly heated to a comfortable 30 degrees Celsius.
padi scuba diving courses brighton hove

2. Hove

From April to October we also offer Sunday morning courses at a prestigious private outdoor pool in Hove. Courses here are completed in half a day and we should be finished in time for lunch.

Completing your PADI Scuba Diving Course

If you have opted to do the Full Open Water course we will meet you at a lake in the picturesque village of Wraysbury close to Thorpe Park, M25, M3 and M4 motorways where you will complete your four open water dives. This fresh water lake has plenty of sunken attractions such as boats, camper van, bus and even a London cab and is only around an hour away from Brighton. With several training platforms available they're a great place to practice your diving skills. We always say "if you can dive in the UK then you can dive anywhere in the world"!

If you are doing the Open Water Referral then we will complete the PADI Referral Form contained within your log book after the pool session. You can then simply present this to any PADI dive centre around the world.

We also run regular group trips abroad for students who wish to complete their course with the same instructor and meet fun and like-minded people. Alternatively our Travel Centre would be happy to provide you with a quote so you can complete your dives somewhere of your choosing.

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Location Addresses

Our PADI Open Water Scuba Diving courses take place at one of two locations:

All Year Round
diving courses brighton

Prince Regent Swimming Complex
Church Street,
East Sussex

The Prince Regent Swimming Complex is situated next to the Pavilion in central Brighton and is within easy walking distance from Brighton Train Station.

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April to October
padi scuba diving courses brighton hove
  New Church Lane
East Sussex

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