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All the latest news about scuba diving, travel and PADI training courses from Oyster Diving.

Having worked as a Dive Instructor in the Virgin Islands, Thailand and Egypt, Mark returned to the UK in 2006 when he founded Oyster Diving. His principle aims for the new diving centre would be to appeal to the more discerning customer by offering the best facilities, having an integrated travel agency so customers can complete their dives abroad as well as in the UK. In 2010 Mark won Sport Diver magazines' 'Best Diving Instructor'.

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Octavia has been an avid diver for many years. She completed her Divemaster course in Thailand and has probably dived in more locations around the world then Jacques Cousteau. Each year she takes a 6 month sabbatical to follow her passion for diving and her blog articles are designed to offer inspiration for others as well as being an exhilarating read.

New Business Manager & PADI Open Water Scuba, EFR and Deptherapy Instructor

Paul has been diving for many years and is experienced in diving in the UK and overseas.

Since joining Oyster in 2013 Paul's dive career has progressed through to professional level. Paul is an Open Water Diving Instructor and is also a qualified specialist Instructor in Deptherapy Education Adaptive teaching, a rare specialist qualification designed to encourage disabled people to also engage in the sport of Scuba Diving. Paul has been diving for nearly 30 years so has a wealth of experience. Paul has also worked in the theatre as a support diver on board one of the largest cruise ships in the world,

Favourite Destination?
Paul loves it down under and is partial to a bit of Egypt too.Favourite Marine Life
Sharks and Turtles

Which countries have you dived in?
UK, Red Sea, Malta, Australia, Thailan, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Egypt

Favola mask, Axiom BCD, Mares Quattro fins, Aqua Lung Core regulators and Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet SLT dry suit.


I was found by the good team at Oyster Diving when I was washed up by the current on Brighton Beach. They took me in, gave me a warm home. When they learned how good I was at freediving (I can hold my breath for 2 hours) they offered me a trial dive. I was a bit of a natural so I went on to become a qualified diver. 

I now work for Oyster and travel the world making sure our guests are properly looked after. Follow my blog posts for some great trips!


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