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Celebrity Scuba Divers

The world of diving attracts people from all walks of life and is becoming an ever more popular sport.

There are many famous divers so we thought you might like to see a list of our favorite 'Celebrity Scuba Divers':

Prince William - Prince William did his first Open Water dive in Thailand. "I love Scuba diving, I have always wanted to dive the Barrier Reef."

Jessical Biel - Actress Jessica Biel has successfully completed a PADI Deep Dive after obtaining her underwater certification.   "I got an advanced certification because i love scuba diving. You can go around 100 feet and a little bit deeper. You learn how to use a compass underwater in case you get lost. When you're down there it's so peaceful. No one's talking to you, no one's bothering you. It's just you and the fishes." "I know i've been MIA (missing in action), but i just complete my advanced diving course with PADI" - Twitter Jessica (29/06/2012)         "When I was thirteen i learned to dive for a TV show i did called 'The new adventures of flipper' i grew up in CA where the water is so cold that diving isn't something ou do if you're a regular teenage girl. But i love it immediately, i was fearless."

Tiger Woods - One of the world's wealthiest and most famous athletes, Tiger woods, arrived in Belize shortly after the British Open gold tournament in Scotland, boarded a private jet and headed for the luxury of Cayo Espanto Resort. Shortly after arriving, Tiger and his friends headed to the reef to go scuba diving. Tiger, has now been a very serious diver for the past 3 years and has been diving all over the world.    "The waters were incredible! I have been diving in many places and Belize is definitely top notch. The blue hole is spectacular. The water was so clear everywhere we went." After diving up and down the reef in front of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, Tiger said, "The diving near San Pedro was really impressive. Hol Chan is a very special place with the sharks and rays, and the San Pedro have done a great job taking care of it."

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