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  • Diving Equipment Hire

Scuba Diving Equipment Hire

We use some of the best diving equipment to be found at any dive club or centre. For examples our BCD’s are Aqua Lung Waves and regulators are either MK17 ScubaPro or AquaLung Titans. All of our equipment is regularly serviced and kept to HSE standards. When booking your diving equipment rental please provide us with your sizes. We will require your credit card details as security in case of damage or loss of our equipment. Please click here for air fills.


To hire out your Scuba Gear please either call 0800 699 0243 or 07920 516006. If you are using the equipment on of our trips/holidays then we can arrange to bring it with us. Alternatively we will arrange to meet you at a convenient time and location at one of our training pools.
£ Prices per day
Non-member Member
Full set (regs, BCD, semi-dry wetsuit, boots, fins, hood & gloves, tank, weights, weight belt)* 100.00 50.00
BCD 25.00 12.50
Regs 25.00 12.50
Tank (incl Air to 200 bar) 20.00 10.00
Weights** 10.00 5.00
Weight belt 5.00 2.50
Fins/boots 10.00 5.00
Mask & snorkel 5.00 2.50
Semi-dry wetsuit 20.00 10.00
Dry Suit – 1 day Dry suit – 2 days 60.00 90.00 30.00 45.00
Weekly Hire Full set (regs, BCD, semi-dry wetsuit, boots, fins, hood & gloves, tank, weights, weight belt)*  150.00  75.00
* Does not include mask/snorkel
** If you lose weights then it costs £8/kg to replace
We will do our utmost to cater for your  size. In the event that we do not have your exact size then we will provide the next nearest available. You will be charged the full replacement/repair price if goods are returned to us damaged which includes not replacing dust caps on regulators.


0800 699 0243
01273 420790
  07920 516006


Oyster Luxury Travel and Diving: S.E. London & Kent, Soho Central London, Brighton & Hove, Surrey & Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Our main facility is at Marshall Street Leisure Centre, 15 Marshall St, Soho, London W1F 7EL

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