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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we hope you find it informative and interesting? We are a small, independent and privately owned PADI Scuba Diving and Travel Centre designed specifically for the more discerning customer. We pride ourselves on our service, flexibility, resourcefulness and imagination allowing us to create diving courses and holidays that really are tailormade to your requirements, no matter how demanding they might be. In 2010 and 2012 we won ‘UK Dive Centre of the Year’.

Meet the Team


Mark Murphy

Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Founder

Having worked as a Dive Instructor in the Virgin Islands, Thailand and Egypt, Mark returned to the UK in 2006 when he founded Oyster Diving. His principle aims for the new diving centre would be to appeal to the more discerning customer by offering the best facilities, having an integrated travel agency so customers can complete their dives abroad as well as in the UK. In 2010 Mark won Sport Diver magazines’ ‘Best Diving Instructor’. Favourite destination? Djibouti – On one dive I was surrounded by five Whale Sharks and ended up in the mouth of one of them. Thank goodness they only eat plankton! Favourite Dive Site? Shark Reef in Egypt – I was still fairly new to diving and it was the dive that changed my life forever. Being surrounded by a school of circling barracuda’s, I was only feet away from about three feeding 6 foot long Black Tip sharks. One of the sharks swam right passed me with a Barracuda hanging out of it’s mouth as if to show off it’s prize. I didn’t feel at all threatened and it made me appreciate the beauty and value of sharks in the wild. Favourite marine life? I’m a huge fan of sharks but I also love Turtles, Bat Fish and can spend hours playing with Clown Fish (Nemo). Which countries have you dived in? Australia, Portugal, UK, Egypt, Djibouti, Lanzarote, France, Maldives, Cayman Islands, Malta & Gozo, Tobago, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Aruba, Suda, Galapagos, Thailand and Barbados. EquipmentAqua Lung Sphera mask, Aqua Lung Axiom BCD, Apeks Tungsten regulators, Mares Quattro fins, Suunto D6i computer, Ocean Reef full facemask, Aqua Lung Comfort wetsuit, Aqua Lung Fusion Sport with SLT dry suit
oyster diving team soho sml Meet the team who teach in our Soho pool, from back left to front: Scuba Paul, Phil, Aussie Nick, Rosco, Jess, Jacs, Trey, Emma and ‘Medium’ Alex.
paul gisby

Paul Gisby

New Business Manager & PADI Open Water Scuba, EFR and Deptherapy Instructor

Paul has been diving for many years and is experienced in diving in the UK and overseas. Since joining Oyster in 2013 Paul’s dive career has progressed through to professional level. Paul is an Open Water Diving Instructor and is also a qualified specialist Instructor in Deptherapy Education Adaptive teaching, a rare specialist qualification designed to encourage disabled people to also engage in the sport of Scuba Diving. Paul has been diving for nearly 30 years so has a wealth of experience. Paul has also worked in the theatre as a support diver on board one of the largest cruise ships in the world, Favourite Destination? Paul loves it down under and is partial to a bit of Egypt too. Favourite Marine Life Sharks and Turtles Which countries have you dived in? UK, Red Sea, Malta, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Egypt Equipment Favola mask, Axiom BCD, Mares Quattro fins, Aqua Lung Core regulators and Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet SLT dry suit.

nick elshout

Nick Elshout

Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Admin Manager

Nick is our resident friendly Aussie. He loves all types of diving from deep wrecks, pretty coral reefs and big fish. His gentle laid back teaching method helps to put students at ease and make them confident divers. Favourite destination Thailand – Great diving, delicious food and lovely people Favourite marine life Manta Ray – “they are just awesome and whale sharks don’t exist!” Which countries you have dived in? Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Malta, UK Equipment Hollis M1 mask, Fourth Element Wetsuit, Aqua Lung Axiom BCD and Aqua Lung Titan LX regulators.
oyster turtle

Roger the Turtle

Head of Marketing, PR and Environmental Awareness

Wandering along the beach in Brighton we heard a wimpering sound coming from behind a craggy rock. We headed over to investigate to find this cold and frightened little fella. It didn’t take us long to decide to adopt him and bring him into the Oyster Diving family. As soon as he joined us he was itching to get to work. As it happens he has a passion for travelling and scuba diving. So we are putting him to good use and he will become our travel correspondent writing Blog articles and writing for other people who are interested in his journeys. Favourite Destination Barbados – I have loads of friends there and the water is nice and warm Favourite Marine Life Jelly fish – they’re yummy! I hate Tiger Sharks and try to avoid them whenever possible. Which countries have you dive in? I have only just started learning to scuba dive so have just done my first pool session. Up until now I have been a keen free diver and can hold my breath up to 2 hours! Favourite Equipment I’d love an underwater scooter as my flippers can get very tired on long journeys.


Melvin Grant

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Melvin is a highly experienced PADI instructor who is renowned for his patience, friendliness and good sense of humour. He is just as happy teaching children to dive as adults. At the 2012 Sport Dive Awards he came runner-up as ‘PADI Instructor of the Year’. Favourite destination Galapagos – the shear variety and abundance of marine life. Favourite marine life He loves small macro marine life and can spend hours studying a small coral pinnacle to find what’s lurking in the nooks and crannies. Which countries you have dived in? Malta, Cuba, Maldives, Cyprus, Mexico, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Red Sea, Sudan, Galapagos and the UK Equipment Mares Liquidvision mask, OThree Drysuit, Aqua Lung Axiom BCD, Apeks XTX 50 regulators, Bare wetsuit

Alex Valentin

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

I grew up in Greece most of my life next to the sea freediving almost daily. Originally from Romania I went back in 2010 and became a commercial diver for a short time until I discovered that teaching scuba diving is what I wanted to do.  I worked for a few years as a Divemaster in the Black sea, Mediterranean sea  UK before qualifying as a PADI Instructor in Indonesia in 2016. My favourite destination Wreck diving in Greece Skiathos.- we feel so small diving next to huge wrecks. There are 2 huge wrecks at same dive site just 150m distance between them and the crystal clear water has 50m visibility which contrasts the dark eerie wrecks. Favourite Marine life Manta ray and Octopus Octopus are masters of disguise while Manta Rays  – if you want to feel what its like to fly then follow a Manta ray Equipment: Everything as long as its Black :o)
Taffs photo

Lynn ‘Taff’ Garland

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Taff is a really helpful and hard working member of the team. He has lots of patience and is very approachable. He likes to record the Rugby and watch it on his return from his courses, so make sure you tell him the Wales score as soon as you can, he will be very appreciative! Favourite destination Tenerife Favourite marine life Rays and Sharks Which countries you have dived in? Malta, Tenerife, Lanzarote, UK and Red Sea

Jessamy Hardie

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

My love for diving grew when I spent two months in Fiji doing Marine Conservation and Surveys on the reef and learning to dive. Since then diving has been my passion and I’ve been living the mermaid dream. I did an internship in Florida where I became a diving instructor and then went on to teach in Australia and Malaysia. Jessamie is a fairly new to the team but is a Favourite Destination Diving in the Cenotes in Mexico Favourite Marine Life Striped Surgeonfish has always been my favourite fish. Turtles, Whale sharks and Manta Rays of course. ooo and Cuttlefish and nudibranchs and box fish and pipe fish! Too many!? Which Countries have you dived in? Fiji, Philippines, Thailand, Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Malaysia, Australia, Bali Equipment Zuma BCD (Travel sized which is essential!) Aqua Lung Cores, then Funky accessories; patterned socks and headband.  

jessica swan dive instructor

Jessica Swan

PADI Open Water Scuba and EFR Instructor

I became a diving instructor when in Durban South Africa when I did my open water and loved it, So asked if I could do an internship and stayed there for a year cleaning equipment, washing wetsuits, being the rescue dummy, pushing out and cleaning dive boats until I got my dives up and could do my instructors.

Favourite Destination Sodwanna bay South Africa.

In South Africa we are very lucky to have a huge selection of marine life including sharks, turtles, dolphins, eels, whale shark and a huge selection of rays. On my first dive in Sodwanna Bay I saw all of these in a one 1 hour dive. Favourite Marine Life Whale Shark -They frighten people by their size but they are amazing underwater and you can get very close to them. Which countries have you dived in?  South Africa, India, France, Mozambique and England.
Liz Stokes

Liz Stokes

Rescue Diver & Surface Cover

Liz has been diving for nearly 10 years and last year took her Rescue course with Oyster and has since gone on to be our surface cover at the Marshall Street pool every Tuesday and weekends at Wraysbury Favourite destination? Favourites so far are Central and South America, with so many more on the list to see, but sunshine and a shortie wetsuit are a must!  I also love diving in Egypt, Jackson Reef and Gordon Reef, off Ras Nosrani Bay in Sharm el Sheikh, I could never tire of diving there, it is where I qualified and have visited many times since, definitely a special place for me Favourite marine life? Turtles and of course it’s always amazing to spot a shark. Which countries have you dived in? Egypt, Costa Rica, Colombia, US, UK, Italy, Cape Verde

Trey Mujakpuri

PADI Divemaster

Trey started diving with Oyster about 10 years ago when he completed his Advanced Open Water with us. Since then he has stayed with us, developed his diving skills and gone on to be a Divemaster and valued member of the team. He is also probably the coolest member of the team. Favourite destination Wraysbury. You can’t beat the feeling you get when you see an open water student complete their course in a challenging envirnoment and become a qualified diver. Favourite marine life Sharks – please put some in Wraysbury! Which countries you have dived in? Maldives, UK, Mexico, Red Sea, Nigeria
alex spencer divemaster

Alex Spencer

Divemaster and Discover Scuba Leader

We taught Alex to dive when he was just 10 years old and has since gone on to do his Divemaster course with us. When not at University he teaches many of our Discover Scuba and Refresher courses. He is polite, friendly and has a definate cheeky side. “The stand-out moment of my dive career so far has to be a close encounter with an oceanic white-tip shark. I remember being told that above all else you shouldn’t go above the shark as they feel threatened if you do, but in my excitement a big gulp of air sent me soaring above it… luckily he’d had his breakfast. Boss Mark took a cracking video of it all.” Favourite destination The Red Sea is hands-down my favourite diving destination, and it’s great to see that more coastline is opening up to divers with some great reviews of places like Sudan from some diving hotshots. Well worth a look at the live-aboards being offered out there with Oyster! Favourite marine life You can’t beat the majestic whale shark. What a big fish. And because they love being near the surface, it’s an animal that can be enjoyed by the non-divers among us too! Which countries you have dived in? I’ve been lucky to dive around the world from the Maldives, to the Red Sea and Malta, to the Caribbean. Nothing quite as good as Wraysbury though..? Equipment Avanti quattro+ fins, Apeks XTX 200 regs, Scubapro X-Force BCD (tough as nails!), Suunto Viper Air.

Diving in London & South East

If you are starting out on your diving journey or looking to improve your skills we offer a range of PADI diving courses in London and across the South East.  Our locations can be found in Soho, Surrey & Berkshire, Brighton & Hove, Oxford and our Open Water diving locations.

Diving Centre

Despite having dozens of historical wrecks dotted along our coastline and some fantastic and varied marine life, we understand that diving in the UK is not for everyone. We are happy for you to complete a Referral course which means that you complete your theory and pool skills with us and your open water dives when you get on holiday. That way you don’t have to spend your valuable holiday time sat in a classroom and instead can spend it under the sun or water! Using our extensive knowledge of the best places in the world to dive and visit, many of our customers ask us to arrange their holiday or a long weekend to complete their diving course, so as part of the service we offer a fully bonded travel agency.

Travel Centre

We’ve trotted the globe to find the best holiday and diving destinations that offer a combination of extravagance, exclusivity, privacy and natural beauty. So whether you are gearing up for your first dive, need a long weekend break, want to charter a luxury yacht in the Caribbean or bathe on the finest golden beaches, Oyster can build a package specifically around you. For more details call us today on 0800 699 0243 or 01273 420790. Many thanks and we hope to start or continue your underwater adventures soon, Mark Murphy Mark Murphy Director and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer


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Oyster Luxury Travel and Diving: S.E. London & Kent, Soho Central London, Brighton & Hove, Surrey & Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Our main facility is at Marshall Street Leisure Centre, 15 Marshall St, Soho, London W1F 7EL

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