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  • PADI Full Face Mask Course

PADI Full Face Mask Course

Locations:  Various – please ask for details

Option 1 – Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Training – £245 incl pool session and 2 open water dives
Option 2 – Ocean Reef Full Face Mask + Underwater Comms – £345 incl pool session and 4 open water dives

The OCEAN REEF FULL FACE MASK is a brilliant piece of kit for a number of reasons:
  • It has crystal clear vision and never fogs up – it’s like seeing in HD compared to a normal mask
  • It has a large field of vision of about 100 degrees, more than nearly every standard mask on the market
  • It never leaks
  • You can breath through your nose which makes diving feel more natural as this is how we normally breath
  • It’s great for people who feel claustrophobic in a normal mask
  • You can add underwater communication system to it which is not only fun but adds extra safety to your dive
  • You look cool – like a TV presenter or fighter pilot
  • They’re excellent in icy cold water as less water touches your face

We are one of only a handful of dive schools in the UK that offer training on the Ocean Reef Full Face Mask.

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To take part in our Ocean Reef course you need to be a minimum of open water diver and be over 15 years of age.

Course Structure

Part 1 – Some self study at home – we will email you the manual when you sign up to the course
Part 2 – Pool training – this can be completed at any of our pools. Just call us to arrange the best location and date for you
Part 3 – Open Water dives. If you are doing just the Full Face Mask there are 2 dives completed in one day, if you are combining it with the Underwater Communications Specialty then there are 4 dives over 2 days

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about the Ocean Reef Integrated Full Face Mask, the best on the market
  • What the various parts are and how they work
  • How to breath using a full face mask
  • How to set up and personalise your Ocean Reef mask
  • How to put on the mask and make it ultra comfy, and how to remove it
  • Safety skillls in the pool
  • How to adjust the breathing rates in open water


We can conduct the confined water skills at any of our pool locations:
 There are various possible open water locations including Wraysbury, Chepstow, South Coast boat trips and overseas trips. 
To book your course click on the link at the top of this page or for more details please call 0800 699 0243.


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