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PADI Speciality Courses

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We offer a range of PADI diving specialty courses to improve your diving knowledge, skills and safety. If you complete 5 PADI Specialty Courses with 50 logged dives plus an EFR and Rescue Diver Qualification, then you can qualify as a MASTER SCUBA DIVER!!!

Dry Suit

Not only will you look like James Bond but wearing a dry suit will help you to keep warm in the water!

Enriched Air Nitrox

Nitrox increases the percentage of Oxygen in your scuba tank. This allows you to stay underwater deeper for longer.

Deep Diver

There are many fasinating things that are a bit deeper such as canyons, wrecks and caverns. This course will qualify you to dive to 40m.

Full Face Mask

Read about on fantastic diving in a full face mask is on our blog. This is a real game changer in the world of underwater exploration!

Boat Diver Boat diving often makes for a more enjoyable and simpler way of getting to the dive site, if you know what you’re doing!

Search & Recovery Diver

This is one of our favourite courses as it is lots of fun. It’s also great for improving you and your buddys safety.

Night Diver

Diving at night is a whole new experience and gets your adrenanlin pumping! Many types of marine life only come to life at nigh and it is also fasinating to watch them in “hunting” mode.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

This is really useful for new and inexperienced divers as it helps you improve your buoyancy which in turn means you see, more, are more relaxed & comfortable in the water and makes your tank air last longer.

Underwater Photography

Taking photos underwater is a great way to keep a record of your holiday and prove to your friends what incredible aquatic life you have witnessed.

There are plenty of other specialty courses available depending on the local dive environment. If there is something that interests you then please just get in touch.

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