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  • Scuba Diving in Schools and Colleges

Scuba Diving Courses and Holidays in Schools, Colleges and Universities

For an inspiring, fun filled educational school adventure that will leave magical memories, take the plunge with Oyster Diving.

Benefits to teachers and educational staff:

Free diving courses

If you introduce scuba diving courses to your school / college then we offer free staff places with every 6 students we teach. We have had teachers go from open water all the way through to Instructor at little or no cost to themselves.

Free diving holidays

As you will see from the examples below teachers receive free holidays. The teacher who organises the trip can choose where in the world they would like their school trip to run to. This could be from inexpensive places like Spain and Malta, or to some of the worlds best diving destinations such as Komodo, Galapagos and Maldives.

Benefits to Students

Diving offers children and adults a unique and unrivalled experience combining adventure, adrenaline, exercise, exploration, tranquility and relaxation. Children as young at eight can experience what it’s like to be completely weightless, and to delve into a world that covers 70% of the planet yet one that most will never witness.

padi youth training approved centreFor children, an introduction to the world of scuba diving opens up boundless opportunity for learning and development. The education into our world’s precious oceans and the fascinating and fragile environment they support can spark a lifelong passion spanning personal and career development. Kids will discover countless species of marine life as they embark on a journey to learn about the importance of marine conservation and the role that they can play.

Scuba diving has obvious relevance to many educational studies bringing to life subjects such as physics, geography, history and biology, and using disciplines like maths and with tangible results. The real joy of diving is that in the underwater ‘playground’, unlike almost every other sports discipline, it can be safely enjoyed by children of all physical abilities.

This video was taken during a one week liveaboard diving holiday with Wellington College in 2015 and sums up the amazing time students and teachers have learning to dive and exploring wrecks and reefs around the world. 



davo driving A dive trip is a great compliment to the traditional ski trip. We have many years of experience offering PADI diving courses, and we have established ourselves as the premier provider of scuba courses and holidays to prestigious schools such as Wellington College, Headington, Bedes, St. Catherine’s, St. Johns Beaumont and Guildford High School for Girls.


Dr. J O’Loughlin, Head of Chemistry at Wellington College.

“We have worked with Oyster Diving for a number of years, helping our students through their qualifications with a professional and patient approach and organising our annual diving trip. In its third year now, Mark and his team have looked after every last detail of our trips to the Red Sea and it has been a real pleasure to be able to show the students the amazing underwater world with such a professional outfit. I recommend Oyster Diving wholeheartedly.”

Miss Allen-Mirehouse, Teacher of Physics and Astronomy, Headington School, Oxford.

school-holiday“Oyster Diving took Headington on a trip to the Red Sea during the Easter holidays 2013. We put 16 girls through their Open Water referrals in the UK in our school pool and then had the same instructor (Mark) who dealt with us the whole way through, came with us on the trip and taught the students’ courses on the boat. Mark was professional, personable and friendly throughout the entire process, from the suggestion of the trip right through to the trip evaluation at the end. Having a representative from Oyster with us throughout the entire trip was great as it put the students at ease since they knew him. Oyster were fantastic at reassuring parents, dealing with paperwork and communicating everything necessary.

I would certainly recommend Oyster Diving to any school. They are professional, experienced and a pleasure to deal with. All of our students enjoyed our trip thoroughly and we will certainly be looking to use Oyster Diving again in the future for more trips.”

wellington college group

We offera a full range of services to schools from teaching PADI scuba diving courses in the UK to organising fully inclusive dive trips to destinations and around the world. We are the only dive school in the UK with a fully bonded integrated travel centre and between 2010 and 2012 were awarded ‘UK Dive Centre of the Year’. Teachers receive a free place for every six students as well as free places on holidays.

For details on PADI scuba diving courses click here or call please Mark Murphy on 01273 420790 / 07920 516006.


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