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  • Television and Media Work

Oyster Diving on TV

Being one of London’s leading dive centres we have been privileged to work with several television companies:

andy cbeebies december 2016


Master Scuba Diver Andy Mangold makes his television debut by teaching two youngsters how to become weightless underwater. This epsiode was the culmination of the series of the ‘Let’s Go Club’ shown over winter 2016. The programme shows Andy briefing the boys how to dive, how the equipment works, swimming underwater, doing somersaults and having a game of underwater frisbee. The programme first aired during the Christmas holidays to maximise it’s exposure.

BBC – Don’t tell the Bride

dont tell the bride with oyster divingWe were approached by the production company to help Ian fulfill his dream of marrying his bridge where they first me – underwater at Spellthorne Leisure Centre in Staines.

We gave the Groom and his Best Men a dive lesson a couple of weeks before the wedding and then on the BIG DAY, once the Bridge had eventually agreed to jump in the pool with her wedding dress, we gave her a quick lesson along with the Bride’s Father.

The Father than swam his daughter to the underwater alter. Our Insuctor Mark then acted as the Vicar and married the couple in the deep end of the pool.

For details please see – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01n8ltp

Manoto TV (Persian Global Satellite Television Station)

We were approached by the TV company to give their presenter a ‘Discover Scuba’ experience in the pool and an open water dive in Chepstow. As you can probably tell, the presenter was very nervous so it took a lot longer than your average course. Full marks for trying!

BBC Diving with Crocodiles

We were approached by the Agent for Ben Fogle to give him a thorough refresher in preparation for his series about scuba diving with Crocodiles. Needless to say Ben was a natural in the water and a true gent.


In all Weather Conditions…

We were kindly invited to attend a recce trip to Tobago with some of the other leading scuba diving tour operators in the UK. To help achieve some well deserved PR for this wonderful country we arranged for Sian Welby from Channel 5’s weather to come with us. Sian made her own headlines recently by dropping in a number of hidden puns within her wearther broadcast for the new Star Wars movie.

We completed Sian’s PADI Open Water Referral course in our London pool and completed her open water dives in Tobago.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Being a West End London dive school we have been working on the latest West End Theatre production of Harry Potter. In our bid to help them #keepthesecret, we can’t tell you exactly how we were involved other than to say that it was hugely exciting and we are continuing to work with them.

Roll With It…

Other artists we’ve worked with and trained include Derren Brown, Andy Bell from Oasis and the Nephew of one of the world’s richest men (due to signing a confidentiality agreement we can’t disclose who this is).


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