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  • PADI Spec Saver Weekend

PADI Spec Saver Weekends

Take advantage of our special Specialty Courses and Events

The idea is really simple; get a group of divers and instructors together for some group discounts and have loads of fun. Work your way to becoming a Master Scuba Diver; simply complete your Rescue Diver, First Aid course + 5 specialties of your choice to become 'the black belt of the diving world'. Not only is this lots of funt, it always makes you a great and safe diver!

The days out/weekends are all about you and what you want to achieve with your diving. 

2018 Dates and Locations

3rd February

Course: Dry Suit
Location: Wraysbury
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24 & 25th March

Course: Wreck
Location: Wraysbury & Chepstow
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21st & 22nd April

Possible courses: SMB, PPB, Nitrox and Deep
Location: Wraysbury & Chepstow
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29th April

Course: Boat Diver
Location: Shoreham boat dive

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5th May

Course: Underwater Photography
Locations: Old Windsor (pool)

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9th June

Course: Peak Performance Buoyancy
Location: Wraysbury

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7th July

Course: Navigation
Location: Wraysbury

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29th July

: Full Face Mask
Location: Chepstow

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29th September & 27th October

Course: Drift Diver
Location: South Coast Boat

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21st October

Course: Deep Diver
Location: Chepstow

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24th November

Course: Search & Recovery
Location: Wraysbury

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2nd December

Course: Equipment
Location: Oyster HQ in Hove

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*** SPECIAL: Season Starter on 21st-22nd April ***

LOCATION: Wraysbury & National Diving and Activity Centre, Chepstow

Filled with natural spring water from the surrounding hills Chepstow is an excellent place to enjoy some excellent dives. Visibility is often exceptional at 15-20 metres, there are plenty of attractions such as planes, helicopter, bus, troop carrier and Gnome Garden.There is an abundance of marine life such as some really large brown trout and perch.

Additional Costs

The prices above do not include entry to Chepstow (£15 payable on entry), air fills (c.£3.50 each) or over night accommodation. To book your overnight accommodation click here.

Getting to Chepstow

Chepstow is easy to reach from London, Surrey and Berkshire. It takes approximately 1.5 hours from the M4/M25 Junction. For non-drivers we can normally find someone willing to give you a lift in exchange for a contribution towards petrol, alternatively there is a mainline station in Chepstow. The dive centre is approximately a 10 minute cab ride away.

Friendly staff and well equipped, it is the place to improve your skills, qualifications and experience. Improving your diving – your buoyancy control, photographic skills or wreck penetration will set you apart from the average diver. It also opens up a whole set of new adventures and experiences to enjoy.

The NDAC has purpose built Wig Wams on site, very affordable, warm and cosy! On Saturday evening we normally head to the local town of Chepstow for a decent meal and a glass of wine.

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Divers in Chepstow


Package 1 - UK Diver Essentials

PADI Surface Marker Bouy (SMB)
PADI Deep Specialty (40m)
PADI Enriched Air Nitrox


Prices include equipment hire, all materials and PADI certification fee. Members receive a further 10% discount!

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Package 2 - World Diver

Underwater Photography levels 1 + 2 £245
Peak Perfomance Buoyancy £195
Photography + Peak Performance Bouyancy £395

Members receive an additional 10% discount. Includes equipment hire, materials and PADI certification fee.

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