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2018 Underwater Summer Games

Hosted by Oyster Diving in aid of WaterRelief and the Scuba Trust

Marshall Street Leisure Centre, Soho on the 14th July 2018

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The 2018 Underwater Summer Games will kick off at 6pm on 14th July at Marshall Street Leisure Centre in the heart of London’s West End. The event will consist of 7 seperate competitions:

  • 100m underwater sprint – no fins
  • 100m sprint – with fins
  • 200m underwater sprint
  • 1500m underwater distance swim
  • Slowest breather – how long can you make a 3 ltr tank last?
  • Underwater discus
  • Underwater javelin

There will be 10 spaces available in each event and there is a £10 entry fee per person per event, you can enter more than one event if you like. All of the profits raised will go to Excellent Development the charity behind WaterRelief. As a participant you are welcome to set up your own sponsorship and raise money for our Oyster Diving’s chosen charity or one of your own.

Setting Up Your Own Sponsorship is Really Simple

1. Go to a website such as www.justgiving.com and register an account.
2. Contact your friends and family via e-mail and social media with a link to your sponsorship page
3. After the event just pay the charity your money

Our Chosen Charities – WaterRelief by Excellent Development 

Imagine a solution that can accomplish the following to 3rd World Dry Land areas:

  • Provide constant clean fresh drinking water to villages that would oridinarily have a 2 hour round trip to collect water
  • Imagine with the plentiful bounty of water there was enough to grow crops for medicine, food and to sell breaking the dependency cycle from charities
  • Free up time collecting water that allows children to go to school and get educated
  • Allow endangered species a place to graze and drink water
  • Imagine that it built and sustained by the local communities that use it
  • Reduce the effects of global warming
  • Stop soil erosion that throws millions of tonnes of debris in to the oceans and coral reefs

For just £10 (the entry fee) it will give one person FREE WATER FOR LIFE!

A 4,000BC year old technology called Sand Dams can do all of this, and it works! So far Excellent Development have been responsible for planting over 1 million trees, provided clean drinking water to nearly 1 million people, built around 1,000 sand dams. by 2040 the aim of the charity is to provide sand dams that will benefit 1/2 billion people worldwide. Here’s how it works…..

The Scuba Trust

The Scuba Trust helps those with disabilities and their friends experience the joy and freedom of scuba diving. The aim of the Scuba Trust is to provide a level playing field by arranging training and obtaining funding to subsidise applicants who, due to disability, encounter difficulty in finding suitable instruction and who may face a greater outlay for training and recreational diving after certification. For more details visit http://scubatrust.org/


Prize Fund

Oyster are currently contacting a number of suppliers from the goods they stock on their website www.oysterdivingshop.com  to provide prizes for the winners of each competition. A list of the prizes will be posted here in due course. If you would like to donate a prize for our winners then please contact Mark Murphy.

Anyone who has a PADI open water or equivalent qualification and have dived in the last 12 months is free to enter. You are welcome to raise additional revenue for Excellent Development or even a charity of your choice.

If you would like to join in or even help out at the 2018 Underwater Summer Games then please book your space today.

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